‘The Art of Immersion’: Now in Korean

‘The Art of Immersion’: Now in Korean

September 7, 2011

W. W. Norton is publishing The Art of Immersion worldwide in English, but the first foreign-language edition is being published by the Korea Price Information Company. As the book’s translator, Wankyu Choi, just posted on his blog, the Korean edition is now going on sale in online bookstores there.

The cover is very Inception, inspired by the spinning top that the Leonardo DiCaprio character uses to keep track of what state he’s in. You know the drill: If he’s in the real world, the top will sooner or later fall over, as tops do. But if he’s in a dream state, it will keep spinning indefinitely. In the final scene of the movie [spoiler alert!], the top famously starts to wobble, but the picture ends before we can be sure. This top looks a little wobbly too, which I suppose could be taken as a question about my own mental state as I was writing the book. Did I dream the whole thing? No comment, I’m afraid.

The Art of Immersion

"In his fascinating new book, [Frank Rose] talks about how the Internet is changing the way we create and consume narrative. . . . 'We are ceasing to be consumers of mass media,' says Rose, 'we are becoming partici­pants in social media—a far more fluid environ­ment in which we simultaneously act as producers, consumers, curators, and commen­tators.'"

— Ariana Huffington, The Huffington Post


joline godfrey

- November 19, 2011

Love this cover. isn't the point of change that its always wobbling? perfect metaphor for the times we're in.

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